Eureka E61 Scrubber Dryer

A professional walk-behind scrubber-dryer

The E61 is a professional walk-behind scrubber-dryer which, equipped with the innovative Eureka ECOsystem®, guarantees impressive labour, water and detergent savings, and boasts a productivity rate three times greater than traditional machines.

The tough steel frame is treated with zinc phosphate and coated with thermo-hardened paint for extra durability.

Die-cast aluminium brush head, reinforced for extra resistance and fitted with a self-levelling splash-guard.

Cleaning path (mm)610 mm610 mm610 mm
Cleaning capacity2.440 m²/h2.440 m²/h2.440 m²/h
Solution tank capacity40 L40 L40 L
Recovery tank capacity56 L56 L56 L
Driveelectronic assistedelectronic assistedelectronic assisted
Forward speed4 km/h4 km/h4 km/h
Power24 V24 V24 V
Battery2 x 12 V2 x 12 V2 x 12 V
Battery chargeron-boardon-boardon-board
Weight (inclusive of battery & charger)206 kg206 kg206 kg
Size (without squeegee) (l x w x h)1.301 x 630 x 1.110 mm1.301 x 630 x 1.110 mm1.301 x 630 x 1.110 mm
Squeegee width830 mm830 mm830 mm