Box of 6 Hand Sanitiser Gel 500ml (70% Alcohol)


W.H.O Approved Concept Hand Sanitiser Gel (70% Alcohol)

Supplied in Box of 6 Ready to Use (Price includes VAT and Shipping)

Simple, effective, easy to use

Concept’s Sanitiser Hand Gel kills germs and eliminates bacteria without the need for water, preventing the spread of infection and disease.

70% Ethanol Formula - Kills 99.9% of bacteria and germs.

• No water required
• Fast drying - no sticky residue
• Fragrance free
• Food Safe

Formulated to minimise the risk of allergic skin reactions.

Wide Application/use:
Designed for use in workplaces, hospitals, care homes, schools, kitchens, food processors, funeral homes, offices, gymnasia, industrial premises or anywhere where bacteria control is important.

Keeps hand soft - Contains humectants to moisturise the hands after frequent use.
Ideal as a regular-use hand sanitiser in the healthcare and food industries

Hand Sanitiser Gel Information Booklet

Additional Information Booklet