Numatic NBV190 Battery Vacuum

    Total freedom of operation and convenience with the Numatic professional cordless range. Perfect for day cleaning and safe operation in public areas, increasing productivity and cleaning standards for all.

    The NBV 190 has the classic Numatic styling and quality, incorporating our specially designed 36V lithium-Ion battery pack, providing excellent performance and total freedom of operation. The NBV 190 is available with one or two battery packs, dedicated universal charger set and full accessory kit.


    •             36V Battery Pack - Exclusive lithium-Ion 36V battery pack.

    •             Charging Station - Off-board charger keeps you cleaning for longer.

    •             Huge Capacity – 8L drum capacity.

    •             Cleaning Choice - Three models to suit all professional cleaning applications.

    •             LCD Charge Indicator - Leaves nothing to chance, you’ll know exactly how much charge you have.

    •             TriTex Filtration System - Improves filtration, cleanliness and capacity.

    •             HepaFlo - Easy to change high-efficiency HepaFlo bags.

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