Tennant E5

    Powerful cleaning for small spaces with Tennant’s E5 Deep-Cleaning Carpet Extractor featuring Insta-Adjust™ handle for increased operator comfort and easy storage.

    The Tennant E5 Deep-Cleaning Carpet Extractor provides powerful cleaning for small spaces

    • Clean in congested and hard-to-reach areas with the E5 Deep-Cleaning Carpet Extractor’s compact design
    • Reduce operator fatigue with low-effort pull-back operation and Insta-Adjust™ ergonomic handle
    • Maximise cleaning performance across the entire cleaning path with dual overlapping spray jets and exceptional vacuum suction

    Key machine features of the E5 Deep-Cleaning Carpet Extractor

    • 69 dBA sound level for quiet cleaning in noise-sensitive environments
    • Double-tuft, float-adjust brush designed to adjust to different carpet pile depths – no manual adjustment needed
    • Hygenic® tank is fully-cleanable to help you reduce scrubber tank mould, bacteria and odours