Ehrle KD 623 Premium Cold Pressure Washer

Mobile cold water high pressure cleaners, designed for continuous professional use, 10 - 14 l/min.


Hose reel

15 m high pressure hose

Trigger gun with swivel

Spray lance (KD940-F: Double spray lance) 900 mm c/w with nozzle protection

Stainless steel jet nozzle 25°

KD940-F: High and low pressure jet nozzle 25°

KD623, KD823, KD940: Spray lance 900 mm c/w rotary nozzle

KD940-F: Soft foam kit with 2 l foam detergent tank

17 l water storage tank

Water supply separation acc. water reg.

Chemical supply in high pressure jet c/w metering valve

KD 623 Brochure

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