Numatic TGB4055 Battery Scrubber Dryer

    The 4055 is one size up from the 4045 containing all the advanced TwinTec 24V features but with a 20% increased cleaning path. Features include a Structofoam tilting brush deck, polyform tanks, fully sealed gel batteries, built in battery charger, heavy duty TwinFlo wet pick-up vacuum system and heavy duty geared brush drive.The 4055T (traction) offers effortless cleaning due to the powerful traction unit. A traction model is essential where inclines such as wheelchair ramps are present.
    • Fully Sealed Gel Batteries - Maintenance-free batteries to ensure the highest standard of operational life.
    • Twinflo Vacuum Motor - Provides exceptional wet pick-up.
    • Structofoam Tilting Brush Deck - Making brush and pad changing quick and easy.
    • Easy Operation - Simple on/off trigger control.
    • On-board Charging - Convenient and easy, just plug and go.
    • Traction Drive System - Makes the cleaning of inclines safer and easier (TGB4055T).

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