Mac Avant XL 21/200 Hot Water Pressure Washer (415V)

    MAC Avant XL 21/200 Hot Water Pressure Washer

    The MAC Avant XL is a durable product suitable for a large range of workplaces.

    • Large XL chassis with stainless steel hinged bonnet
    • Flame failure & leak detection 
    • Efficient M2 XL boiler for increased heat 
    • Industrial 10hp, 1450rpm double bearing electric motor
    • Stainless steel water tank
    • Automatic stop/start system 
    • Boiler controlled by pressure switch & flow switch 
    • High pressure chemical system 
    • Thermostat for temperature control pressure gauge 
    • 2 large robust wheels for the toughest terrain 
    • Heavy duty rear castor wheels 
    • Professional Interpump with ceramic pistons
    • Steam stage with low pressure steam valve 
    • Low level fuel warning lamp with burner shutdown 
    • 24v low tension safety controls 
    • 31lt heavy duty internal fuel tank