Tennant F12 Single disc rotary scrubber and polisher, dual speed

    F12 Features and Benefits

    The Tennant F12 dual-speed, corded, single-disc machine scrubs, polishes, and strips floors at two speeds for multiple cleaning options:

    Keep your floors shinier and cleaner longer with the F12 that leaves a polished, professional looking floor

    Remove most dirt and restore floor coatings from many types of damage, including burns, rubber marks and firmly ingrained stains

    Increase operator comfort and safety with ergonomically designed handle and double safety switch

    Key machine features of the F12 Single Disc Machine:

    Adjustable 170 or 340 rpm that provides different cleaning options on a single machine

    65 dBA sound level for quiet, convenient operation in noise-sensitive environments

    Powerful downward pad pressure at 33 g/cm2 for high quality floor scrubbing and polishing

    F12 Brochure

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