Tennant F3/F3+ Single disc rotary scrubber

F3 / F3+ Features and Benefits

The Tennant F3 and F3+ low-speed, corded, single-disc machines scrub, polish, and strip for intensive cleaning:

Use F3 and F3+ single disc machines almost anywhere to scrub, polish, and strip a variety of floor surfaces

Clean tough manufacturing and industrial environments with the F3 and F3+’s heavy duty, durable designs

Increase operator comfort and safety with ergonomically designed handle and double safety switch

Key machine features of the F3 and F3+ Single Disc Machines:

59 dBA sound level for quiet, convenient operation in noise-sensitive environments

165 rpm gives floors a high gloss for a professional image

Powerful downward pad pressure at 27 g/cm2 (F3) and 38.5 g/cm2 (F3+) for high quality floor-cleaning performance

F3/F3+ Brochure

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