Green Floor Pads 10"


Product Description

Green Floor Cleaning Pads 10"

Supplied in box of 5 Pads

White pads are suitable for polishing with a medium / high speed Rotary Floor Machine or some Floor Scrubber Dryers to produce a high gloss finish

Red pads are suitable for Spray Cleaning with medium / high speed Rotary Floor Machine or some Scrubber Dryers. Red pads are used to remove scuff marks on a regular cleaning routine

Green Pads are suitable for Scrubbing with slow / medium speed Rotary Floor Machine and some Scrubber Dryers. Green Pads can be used to remove marks and deposits on the floor before polishing

Black Pads are suitable for stripping old polish or sealer from a floor before applying a new coat of sealer or polish. Suitable for use with a slow speed Floor Rotary Machine or some Scrubber Dryers