Kranzle Round Cleaner UFO (41850)


Product Description

Round Cleaners provide excellent cleaning power for driveways, patios, walls, or many surface areas.
Available in two lengths. The Round Cleaner UFO long or the Round Cleaner UFO short.

The cleaning power is effectively double that of using your standard lance. The spinning action of the jets works like the DirtKiller, so it is like using one of these although all of the splash back is contained this way, and you find you spend less time going around also cleaning the surrounding area.

The Round Cleaner UFO's cleaning area is about 27cm (10.5") It is not suggested for industrial use, for industrial use we suggest the stainless steel versions, there is no difference between the extra power created. The Round Cleaner UFO's will last many, many years if purchased for home use. If someone else is using it, and it is going to get knocked about a lot, then the stainless frame will last longer.

Round Cleaners have 2 high pressure jets fitted as standard for acheiving optimum impact force. Wider spray angle jets can be fitted instead, perhaps if you plan to use this on wood a lot - where you do not want as much power. This high impact pressure, with the spinning action is perfect for very effective deep cleaning, allowing you to cover a larger area, quicker.

The Round Cleaner has a brass screw fitting, so will just screw onto your existing Midi or Starlet II gun, or if you have the new soft squeeze, assisted M-2000 gun - will also work perfectly.

Kranzle Round Cleaner UFO, long handle, (part number 41850)